In Your Office

We set you up with a Recharge Station, weekly visits from our talented doctors and therapists. Onsite massage & chiropractic & more.

It's Free

Yup. We operate at no cost to the employer OR the employee. We bill insurance directly for services rendered. Your Recharge Station comes at no cost and produces long-term savings.

Enhance Company Culture

Your staff will feel pampered, Human Resources will feel like heroes and management will be smiling. This office upgrade comes with no strings attached.












Mood Boosting

Resetting your neurological state releases endorphins and improves mood. Walk away with a smile on your face.

Energy Enhancing

A relaxed body and well-tuned nervous system leaves you with optimal levels of energy.

Stress Busting

A buzzing, stressed out brain benefits sharply from the restful effects of a Recharge treatment, so you can focus on what’s important.

Setting up the office clinic has proven to be one of the best decisions our Health & Wellness team has made. It’s become a strong feature helping us attract talent

Taylor B

HR Manager

Everyone in the office loves Thursdays when our chiropractor and massage therapist come in

Jean F


The Fjord team has made an immeasurable difference in the way we feel at work

Jeff T

Owner, Director

Don't Be Shy

Let us know what you’re looking for and a little about your office. We’ll be in touch.