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We set you up with a Recharge Station, weekly visits from our talented doctors and therapists. Onsite massage & chiropractic & more.

It's Free

Yup. We operate at no cost to the employer OR the employee. We bill insurance directly for services rendered. Your Recharge Station comes at no cost and produces long-term savings.

Enhance Company Culture

Your staff will feel pampered, Human Resources will feel like heroes and management will be smiling. This office upgrade comes with no strings attached.

Recharge Practitioners


Chiropractors make excellent Recharge therapists because of their expertise influencing the nervous system. The chiropractors we set up at our onsite clinics are particularly adept in dealing with issues commonly experienced among a workforce. From low energy, tense shoulders, migraines to low back pain, they are well-equipped to get people feeling better quickly, boosting energy and improving mood..



A talented set of hands can work wonders for morale. Using manual therapies to help resolve physical strains and pains, Massage therapists fit well into the workplace, reducing stress and preventing injuries. Our onsite massage therapists cater to your staff with a focus on comfort and convenience.

Your onsite healthcare clinic can include any variety of relevant health disciplines. Among those we typically bring into the workplace are physiotherapists, nurses, naturopaths, yoga and fitness instructors and mental health experts like psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers. In each case, we optimize availability, accessibility, and efficiency, sensitive to the nuances of being onsite during working hours.

  • Chiropractic 80%
  • Massage Therapy 45%
  • Physiotherapists, Naturopaths & others 25%

Mood Boosting

Resetting your neurological state releases endorphins and improves mood. Walk away with a smile on your face.

Energy Enhancing

A relaxed body and well-tuned nervous system leaves you with optimal levels of energy.

Stress Busting

A buzzing, stressed out brain benefits sharply from the restful effects of a Recharge treatment, so you can focus on what’s important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though popular in the U.S., onsite health clinics are still relatively rare in corporate Canada. We are sure you have all sorts of questions. And we are happy to answer them all. We really care about operating with transparency and integrity.


How much does it cost?

$0. Nothing. Nada.

Your employees are already supported by healthcare benefits. We are committed to operating your onsite health clinic at no cost to you and no cost to your employees. So we don’t charge anything to set-up or to operate. We bill your insurance provider directly for services rendered on behalf of the patient.

What kind of space do you need?

We don’t need much space, an area of 5 feet by 10 feet is sufficient. It doesn’t need to be a dedicated space either, a boardroom, an office or re-purposed storage area can serve as your onsite clinic for the few hours a week that it would be used. Practitioners bring all necessary equipment with them.

What is the ROI?

We’re glad you ask!

ROI varies from place to place of course, but in the majority of cases, there is a positive impact on bottom line. We often measure increases in productivity, lower levels of absenteeism and a shift in the type of health claims from expensive drug and surgery claims to less expensive wellness care (nutrition, chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc.).

Setting up the office clinic has proven to be one of the best decisions our Health & Wellness team has made. It’s become a strong feature helping us attract talent

Taylor B

HR Manager

Everyone in the office loves Thursdays when our chiropractor and massage therapist come in

Jean F


The Fjord team has made an immeasurable difference in the way we feel at work

Jeff T

Owner, Director

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More About Us


Fjord Wellness is a Toronto-based company run by a team of 3 corporate wellness strategists, led by Dr. Jonas Eyford. Our team of doctors and therapists that serve our clients are selected for being incredible people and great communicators.  We’ve been providing onsite services since 2012 and are now serving companies in several parts of Canada. The approach was inspired through the recognition that preventative care and wellness planning is a significantly more effective strategy than the ‘wait ’till you’re sick and have a serious problem’ strategy. We have found that working with people in a corporate context enables opportunities to assess their health proactively and make plans to improve it, to connect with a better network of healthcare providers, and to incentivize and support lifestyle improvements. We thoroughly enjoy what we do, and plan to continue to expand and make Recharge Stations accessible for many more Canadians.

Our experience with each company we’ve worked with has been unique, so our on-site healthcare model remains versatile, shaping up differently for companies in different sectors, different cities and with different cultures. We look forward to exploring the unique challenges and opportunities for your organization.



Fjord clinicians are serving companies in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. We are based in Toronto. To see more specifically where we are in each city, click here.